About Us

check presentationFollowing an annual rigorous review of agency applications, the United Fund awards funds to participating agencies for both specific programs and general operating expenses. Through the support of the United Fund and its contributors, these agencies are able to assist people in Talbot County with medical needs, childcare, crisis situations, character development, youth mentoring and more.

Effective July 1, 2019, the Fund elected to become a component fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation (MSCF).  Association with the MSCF allows us to invest our donor donations with the other local funds managed by the Foundation, thereby maximizing the potential for investment growth and reducing costs.  The MSCF is responsible for investment decisions, filing necessary tax returns, and providing the necessary IRS documentation for donations received.  It also provides low-cost professional management for the Fund, including accounting, auditing, and tax services.  This frees the board of the United Fund of Talbot County to concentrate on its mission to fund the underfunded health and human services needs of Talbot County and allows it to function economically.

United Fund 2020-21 Board of Directors

Joseph M. Anthony
Zuleika M. Ghodsi
Leslie J. Stevenson
James M. Vermilye
Executive Director:  Ann M. Jacobs