Daily Archives: October 26, 2015

The One and Only United Fund of Talbot County

It is almost a given in most conversations that Ann Jacobs has in her capacity as Executive Director of the United Fund of Talbot County (UFTC), she will need to correct someone at least once when they mistakenly call the UFTC the “United Way of Talbot County.” It’s a simple enough mistake, and Jacobs, even after twelve years in her job, never loses patience as she repeatedly points out that the United Fund is an independent and entirely different organization than the better known national program. In this interview, Ann talks about the founding of the organization, how it works with its agencies, particularly as they recover from the great recession, and the remarkable return on investment the UFTC offers the community in general.

In fact, Talbot’s United Fund, which pools resources and volunteers to provide $400,000 to twenty Talbot County-based non-profit agencies each year, is so local that it was literally created in a duck blind in the 1950s by local philanthropist McKinney Willis and his hunting companions. From those early days to the present, the United Fund has been indispensable in helping such critically important health and human services organizations like For All Seasons, Neighborhood Service Center, St. Michaels Community Center and Upper Shore Aging carry on their mission.