Daily Archives: October 22, 2015

United Fund 2015-16 Campaign Moves Closer to Goal

The United Fund of Talbot County’s 2015-16 campaign officially kicked off on September 17th and has so far attracted more than $150,000 in donations as it moves towards its goal of $400,000. Monies raised will help the United Fund participating agencies deliver the critical health and human services programs to those in need in Talbot County.

Every hour of every day, someone in our community needs help – a friend, a neighbor or someone down the street. Their needs are very real. Our local agencies count on donors in our community to meet these needs. By delivering a host of local programs and services, United Fund agencies strengthen our community both now and for the future.

While there’s no master blueprint to building a strong community, the United Fund, its donors and its participating agencies collectively provide the building blocks to improve the quality of life for our families, friends and neighbors here in Talbot County. You can help the United Fund fulfill its mission and give people a chance to reach their full potential when you mail your donation to United Fund of Talbot County, P.O. Box 741, Easton, MD 21601 or donate online at www.unitedfund.org today!